And a rift forms.

June 29, 2009

Well the time has come to where another officer and myself have left our previous home. It just wasn’t what it used to be. We continued to let bad flow through the doors and it began to become overwhelming. The HeroTank and GM decided that they didn’t like how I did things apparently, even though all I did was ask people how they died(not in a mean fashion) and tell people they need to avoid certain things….then screamed at my computer. Then of course come here and vent. But a new guild is formed with myself and that other officer who we can call…Witty 4-toes. I believe I’ll write a blog with Witty 4-toes about our new guild so alot of the anonymity will be leaving cause I’m gonna be linking that. Also I’ve been thinking about starting a druid blog. This may or may not be my last post here. Sorry it was a short run…or might be delayed. I hope you enjoyed what little I did angrily write…. I’ll be around.


Knock Knock. Who’s there? YOU’RE A FUCKING IDIOT!

June 8, 2009

Ok so Saturday has come and gone… And fuck was that raid a BLAST. For some reason we couldn’t do Iron Council. So what happens. We call it after 5 attempts. GG Saturday.

Tonight we decided to go back one more time. IC was one shotted no real problems other then one of the girlfriends of one of my good raiders standing on a death rune. TIPPY TOE! TIPPY TOE! Off to Hodir we go. Oh wait nevermind GM wants to go kill the mini bosses by freya for free badges. Ok whatever cool.First elder goes down. NEXT! Ready check…all good… Tank is goin in… I disconnect. FUCK! Lately my internet has being a piece of shit and decides at random times to DC. I get back…miss a Emblem of Conquest. Next boss coming up engage…toss a heal… DC! I get the badge this time. On to Freya and HeroTank decides this is a good time to oped his fuckin trap. He needs to learn its NEVER a good time for him to open his trap. Of course smartest thing out of his mouth is a dick so what comes out is, of course, wrong. I correct him, he disagrees, some one else agrees with me, he shuts up. It’s what makes the world go round…..

FUCK! I forgot something! Ok so theres this priest in our guild who’s holy without Guardian Spirit, Desperate Prayer, or any thing else really useful other then CoH. They instead go deeper into disc. They dont have Inner Focus or once again anything useful. They play as if they are disc but claim they prefer holy. Anyways, we’re doing Freya trash and people are AoE’n and you know Holy priest, Resto druids, Resto shamans all those sorts with aoe heals are healing…..and then this bad holy priest who i’m now calling TheNovaNub starts using Holy Nova. Now I don’t mind that they use it….if its called for…say Auriya on the Guardian Swarm or something of the sort. But TheNovaNub starts using it back by the ranged….and healers at that. Just spamming it. We ask why they are doing it, they respond “Cause I can.” I retort with “Well fucking quit it!”

Back to Freya.  Was going ok. Then we failed. It was close to end time so we decided to go do malygos and OS+2. I didn’t go to Maly but I hear that they wiped to the enrage timer….what the fuck?! And then they went to OS+2…And then the Baddie in one of our new recruit ele shamans[BusStop] comes out….in full force…like Liberace flying through the doors of a biker bar in the middle of a rally wearing a rainbow sequin jump suit. I swear the exact words came out of his mouth.
BusStop “Why aren’t killing these drakes?”
[After Sarth down] “So do we just do that for extra badges?”

Needless to say I’m replacing him when he’s not even a week in. Also looking to replace my pedicured Feral Druid[PediPaws]. 1800 dps on a good day is unacceptable.

That’s tonights rant. Fuck yourself.

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June 5, 2009

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Are you fucking RETARDED?!?!

June 5, 2009

Guess what the answer is… I’ll give ya a sec… The answers YES! YES THEY ARE FUCKING RETARDED! Now you’re probably sitting there thinking “What the fuck is this guys problem?” Apparently, it’s retards. Pay attention. Anyways this is mainly a rant bout my raids from Tuesday and Wednesday, Ulduar 25 man and Ulduar 10 man. Now let me start by telling you the my GM is the one in charge of the rosters. And he didn’t get up the next weeks schedule until like Monday afternoon. So, of course, we are short on people on our sign ups. He chalks this up to us needing more people. No we don’t please god no we don’t (We aren’t the top guild on the server so of course we get second rate douche bags).  The people that are left on the server are there for a reason. Don’t get me wrong here we got some damn fine players in our guild. But we have a bunch of retards as well. Why am I calling them retarded? Let’s start with Hodir. We all know that you free the NPCs, get their buffs, then basically beat the crap out of him while staying mobile unless by the toasty fire. Well first of all my ranged has a problem with finding who has the thunder storm buff for the extra crit damage. Then to top that off they all like to run around our of range of healers. So I recommended we just spread the range out over the three fires so they can stay still and in range. The following conversation takes place with my Tank lead who’s another officer. We’ll call him HeroTank. Read the rest of this entry »

Ranting ensues

June 4, 2009

I’m an Officer in said guild on said server in World of Warcraft. I’m that officer that all guilds have, the one that yells, calls you bad, and tells you ‘You need to learn to play or get out of his guild’. Now you may be thinking right now ‘I don’t have that officer in my guild’.   Shut up. You do too he just isn’t holding down his Vent button. Blogs like this are the result of that. I will more then likely just be ranting about people in my guild that are bad and the dumb things they do. Even the dumb things some of my officers do. I’m so called “anonymous” so what the fuck why the hell not right.

Other than being a raging asshole let me tell you a few things. Yes this is a QQ blog so don’t fucking leave me comments telling me to get over it or such and such. If you do you’re probably one of the baddies. What is a baddie?  They are that wonderful person in your raid that loves to look deep into the glowing gaze of Kologarn, walk on their tippy toes tracing the “neat” lines of the runes of death, and hugging people with the various bombs of Ulduar. The very same ones that die to frogger in Naxx. Also my grammar isn’t the best so fuck off I’m not here for English lessons. This is meant to be funny and be an outlet for the rage I feel for some of the complete D-bags in my guild.

On that note enjoy. And you’ll be hearing from me quite  bit.